Compliance Monitoring

Annually, STC completes a compliance monitoring process on each of the city and county agencies participating in the STC program. The compliance monitoring process is the culmination of a yearlong effort. It is the legal closure of the programmatic contract between the Board of State and Community Corrections and participating agencies.

The three principal objectives of compliance monitoring are:

  • To ensure adherence to selection and training standards.
  • To ensure compliance with program policies and procedures.
  • To provide technical assistance and program support to agencies in all areas of program development and operation.

STC participating agencies must submit a report to their assigned Field Representative by June 30th of the compliance year. As of April 2023, STC has created a standard template that must be used to submit an agency staff list. This Excel Workbook contains many automated features that will streamline the process for both the agencies and STC staff.

Along with the completed Workbook, the agency must submit a letter, signed by the Agency Administrator, assuring they have reviewed the STC program regulations and conclude that the agency is either in or out of compliance with training standards.  The letter must also contain number of vacancies as of June 30, 2023 and the number of individuals that attended core training during the fiscal year (see sample below).


Compliance Monitoring Workbooks

Please note, there are two different workbooks, based on agency type:


2023/2024   NEW!

(Make sure to select “Enable Content” at the top of the spreadsheet before using)


Reference Materials

If you have any questions, concerns, or need technical assistance, please contact your assigned Field Representative.