COVID-19 Data Dashboard
The data are updated Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. During this time the data will be incomplete.

The BSCC has ended this COVID data collection. The last due date for reporting was Monday, February 27th providing data for the reporting week of February 19th through February 25th.

The Board of State and Community Corrections is collecting COVID-19-related data from counties with local adult and/or juvenile detention facilities.

The BSCC screens the reported COVID-19 data to ensure accuracy of the data submitted. The BSCC’s screening process includes checking for anomalies, ensuring compliance to California Health and Human Services Agency data de-identification guidelines, and technical assistance if necessary. When anomalies are found, BSCC reaches out to the county data reporter to discuss the data and make modifications if necessary. Ultimately, the BSCC relies on the counties to provide accurate data as the BSCC does not have audit authority.

The BSCC has attempted to standardize reporting across counties by providing guidance on data reporting through several mechanisms. These include the Data Reporting Guide (see link below), an online Zoom training for all data reporters, and a Frequently Asked Questions document (see link below). We also provide and continue to provide one-on-one technical assistance as needed to counties.

The following provide the resources available regarding this data collection: