Board of State and Community Corrections Board Meeting

Thursday, February 16, 2017, 9:00 A.M.
**Note:9:00am Start Time**
Handlery Hotel ~ Presidio Ball Room
950 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108


Telephonic Location
Board of State and Community Corrections
2590 Venture Oaks Way Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95833



    1. Call Meeting to Order


  1. Information Items
      1. Chair’s Report


      1. Executive Director’s Report – PDF


      1. Legislative Update – PDF


    1. Legal Update
      • Update on Workgroup on Sexual Assault
  1. Action:Consent Items
    1. Minutes from the November 22, 2016 Board Meeting:Requesting Approval. – PDF
    2. SB 81 Round II Riverside County Scope Change – Additional Award, Adding 16-Bed Secure Treatment Housing Unit:Requesting Approval. – PDF
      1. Attachment B-1 – PDF
      2. Attachment B-2 – PDF
      3. Attachment B-3 – PDF
    3. AB900 Phase II LA County Scope Change – Space Reduction and New Warehouse and Entry Buildings:Requesting Approval. – PDF
      1. Attachment C-1 – PDF
      2. Attachment C-2 – PDF
      3. Attachment C-3 – PDF
    4. AB900 Phase II Siskiyou County Requesting Extension – Project Establishment Extension to October 31, 2017:Requesting Approval. – PDF
      1. Attachment D-1 – PDF
      2. Attachment D-2 – PDF
      3. Attachment D-3 – PDF
      4. Attachment D-4 – PDF
    5. Senate Bill1022 Adult Local Criminal Justice Facilities Construction Program:Shasta County Relinquishment and Recommended Conditional Awards:Requesting Approval. – PDF
      1. Attachment E-1 – PDF
      2. Attachment E-2 – PDF
      3. Attachment E-3 – PDF
    6. Capstone Project Request for Proposals and Training:Requesting Approval. – PDF
      1. Attachment F-1 – PDF
  2. Action:Discussion Items
    1. Title 15 and Title 24:Visiting. Promulgation of Regulations: Requesting Approval. – PDF
      1. Attachment G-1 – PDF
      2. Attachment G-2 – PDF There will be public comment before Board action on each item.
  3. Public Comments

Public comment about any agenda item may be heard at this time. There is a 3-minute limit unless otherwise directed by the Board Chair.

  1. AdjournNext Meeting: April 20, 2017 Location:Sacramento County

Routine items are heard on the consent calendar.  All are approved after one motion unless a Board member asks for discussion or separate
action on any item.  Anyone may ask to be heard on any item on the consent calendar prior to the Board’s vote.

Please contact Maria Rodriguez-Rieger at (916) 445-7672 or for additional information about this notice, to submit written material regarding an agenda item or to request special accommodations for persons with disabilities. This agenda and additional information about the Board of State and Community Corrections may be found on our website at or by calling the BSCC at 916.445.5073.