Inmate Sterilization Procedures (SB 1135) Data Collection

As part of SB 1135 and statute 3440(d)2A, the Board of State and Community Corrections is required to collect from California county jails all relevant information regarding the sterilization of inmates. The data will include the number of sterilizations performed, disaggregated by race, age, medical justification, and method of sterilization. It shall be compiled and published annually on the BSCC website.

2020 Results

Fifty four counties responded to our disaggregate data collection survey, please see Table 1 for details. Of the 54 respondents who completed the survey, two counties reported an inmate sterilization procedure was performed during the 2020 calendar year. Please see Table 2 for details.

Inmate Sterilization 2020 Data Setopens EXCEL file

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