2022 Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulations Revision

On February 10, 2022 the Board approved the development of an Executive Steering Committee (ESC) and for staff to begin the regulations revision process. This webpage will provide a chronological list of links, information, and updates as they become available. Please check back regularly for updates.


July 14, 2022 - BSCC Announces Date of the Executive Steering Committee (ESC) Meeting

The first Juvenile Regulations Revision ESC meeting(s) will occur on November 2 - 3, 2022, at the BSCC Offices in Sacramento. Further information, including meeting times and materials, will be posted on this page as it becomes available. The ESC Member Roster can be accessed hereopens PDF file .

ESC meetings are open to the public according to the Bagley-Keene Open Meetings Act. BSCC has collected initial public input for ESC consideration through four public listening sessions and a 90-day public input period which closed on July 7, 2022. Further input will be collected through awardees of the Request for Offer for Public Comment Services. All input received will be included in the ESC’s briefing materials.


July 14, 2022 – Request for Offer (RFO) Award Announcement Update

On April 25, 2022, BSCC released an RFO for public comment services.  The three awardees, listed below, will collect input from youth and families affected by juvenile detention. Further information regarding awardees and the scope of work is listed below.

Request for Offer for Public Comment Services
Awardee Organization Award amount Scope of Work
Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC)  $          10,000 Hold a minimum of three (3) community meetings or listening sessions to discuss and receive input on minimum standards for local juvenile detention facilities regulations; conduct a survey of youth and families affected by juvenile detention and provide written reports to the BSCC, as well as provide a virtual presentation to the BSCC staff.
Focus Forward  $          10,000
Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY)  $          10,000


May 26, 2022 – BSCC Announces Executive Steering Committee Members

The BSCC is pleased to announce our 2022 Juvenile Regulations Revision Executive Steering Committee (ESC).  The ESC will ensure that BSCC’s juvenile regulations are grounded in best practice, reflect lived experience, and provide safe and stable facilities for the youth who are housed and the staff who come to work in them each day.

Executive Steering Committee Members - PDF


April 26, 2022 – BSCC Seeks Public Input Through Listening Sessions

The BSCC is seeking public input on the Minimum Standards for Juvenile Facilities, located in Titles 15 and 24 of the California Code of Regulations.

Public input will be received through a series of listening sessions via Zoom/Teleconference; a schedule of listening sessions is provided below. Each listening session will focus on specific subjects or issues; If you wish to provide a comment but cannot attend the scheduled session, please email comments regulations@bscc.ca.govcreate new email.

All of the listening sessions are public, and any person may suggest changes to Titles 15 and 24. All input is welcome.

Session No.
Date & Time of Listening Session
Subjects / Issues
Zoom Link
Zoom Dial-In Information
Video Recording Link (will be available after the conclusion of each meeting)
May 10, 2022, 4pm to 6pm

  • Administrative: Title 15, Articles 1, 2, and 4.

  • Food and Diet: Title 15, Article 9.

  • Facility Operations and Training: Title 15, Article 3 (excluding section 1329); and, sections 1350 through 1351, 1352.5, 1353, 1355 and 1356 of Article 5.

Session CompletedSession CompletedVideo Recording of Listening Session #1
May 24, 2022, 4pm to 6pm

  • Classification, Separation, and Youth Discipline: Title 15, sections 1352, 1354, 1359 through 1362 of Article 5; and Article 7.

  • Confinement: Title 15 section 1354.5 of Article 5.

  • Use of Force and Restraining Devices: Title 15 Article 5, sections 1357 through 1358.5, and section 1363.

Session CompletedSession CompletedVideo Recording of Listening Session #2
June 7, 2022, 4pm to 6pm

  • Suicide Prevention, Medical, Mental, and Behavioral Health Care Services: Title 15 Article 3, section 1329; and Article 8.

Session CompletedSession Completed

Video Recording of Listening Session #3
June 21, 2022, 4pm to 6pmSession CompletedSession Completed
Video Recording of Listening Session #4


April 25, 2022 – BSCC Invites You to Review and Respond to a Request for Offer (RFO)

The Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) is inviting you to review and respond to a Request for Offer (RFO) for Public Comment Services.

Responses to this RFO must be submitted by electronic mail (procurement@bscc.ca.govcreate new email) by 5:00 PM PST on May 16, 2022.  The RFO Award Announcement will be made on June 1, 2022 by 5:00 PM PST.

Responses must contain all requested information and data, and conform to the format described in the RFO.  It is the offeror’s responsibility to provide all necessary information for the BSCC to evaluate the response, verify requested information and determine the offeror’s ability to perform the tasks and activities defined in the Scope of Work.

RFO for Public Comment Services – PDF
Executive Order N-6-22 Notification – PDF


April 8, 2022 – BSCC Seeks Initial Input Via 90-Day Public Comment Period

The BSCC is seeking initial input on issues related to Titles 15 and 24, Minimum Standards for Juvenile Facilities; such facilities include Juvenile Halls, Special Purpose Juvenile Halls, Camps, and Secure Youth Treatment Facilities. Any person may provide comments or suggest changes to Titles 15 and 24. The changes may be general or relate to specific sections.

All input is welcome, and all comments and suggestions received will be provided to the Executive Steering Committee for consideration.

Please use the 2022 Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulations Revision Public Input Form to provide comments or suggest changes to specific regulations. The form will be available for a period of 90-days and will close on July 7, 2022. Comments and suggestions may also be emailed to regulations@bscc.ca.govcreate new email. Other public input methods are forthcoming; please check this page regularly for updates. 


February 14, 2022 – BSCC Seeks ESC Participants

The Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) is seeking participants for the 2022 Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulation Revision Executive Steering Committee (ESC). Members of the ESC will identify topics or issues to be considered, review proposed revisions to minimum standards, and ultimately select proposed regulation revisions for presentation to the BSCC Board for approval and adoption. ESC Members will be appointed on a limited-term basis beginning in early-to-mid 2022.

Please visit the BSCC’s About Executive Steering Committees and Scoring Panels page to find out how you can participate in the 2022 Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulation Revision ESCopens PDF file .