9 Counties to Receive $270m for Jail Construction, Improvements

SACRAMENTO (June 8, 2017) – The Board of State and Community Corrections today approved conditional awards totaling $270 million to nine counties to finance improvements to local jail facilities.

The state lease-revenue bond financing, established in the Governor’s 2016-17 budget and Senate Bill 844, was earmarked for the 20 counties that have not yet received jail improvement funding, or that received only partial funding in previous rounds. SB 844 set aside $20 million of the total for Napa County to replace its jail, which was heavily damaged in an earthquake in 2014.

The legislation requires counties to improve housing with an emphasis on expanding program and treatment space, to create in-custody mental health or treatment space, and to establish space for reentry services. Successful applicants proposed projects that provide in-person visitation and included with their applications a description of efforts to address sexual abuse.

The BSCC received requests for funding from 12 counties seeking $366 million. The eight successful applicants are: Contra Costa, Placer, Plumas, El Dorado, Mendocino, Lassen, Mono and Modoc counties. Napa County did not have to apply for funds.

The Governor’s 2011 Realignment effort transferred responsibility for non-violent, low-level offenders to the counties. Since then state budgets have included financing to help counties adapt to new populations in local jails through improvement of facilities and construction of space for programming designed to reduce recidivism.

As with the previous round of funding, applicants were required to submit documentation showing the percentage of inmates being held pending trial and a description of any current risk-assessment pretrial release program. An Executive Steering Committee read and ranked the proposals.

The BSCC, established in 2012, is a multi-faceted organization that provides assistance to the counties on community corrections issues. The agency annually administers and awards millions of dollars in grants designed to reduce recidivism and address juvenile justice and delinquency prevention, sets standards for the training of local corrections officers and the operations of local corrections facilities, promulgates regulations and inspects local detention facilities, and administers the current lease-revenue bond process for local jail improvements.

A summary of the successful projects is below:

Senate Bill 844: Adult Local Criminal Justice Facilities Construction
Summary of Awarded Projects
June 8, 2017
County Size County Proposed Project Requested
Large County Contra Costa The proposed project would replace beds in the outdated Martinez Detention Facility with a new 118,907sf high-security, 416-bed West County Reentry, Treatment and Housing Facility (WRTH), resulting in a net loss in the county of four beds. The new facility will include seven high-security housing units, a Reentry Services Complex, a Child/Parent Contact Visitation Center, Program Offices, Administration Areas and a Medical/Psychiatric Services Clinic. The new WRTH facility is situated to allow additional access to the existing medium-security West County Detention Facility, making all of the resources available to both men and women. $70,000,000
Medium County Placer The proposed project located at the newer South Placer Jail would include a 60-bed Re-Entry Men’s Housing Unit and a 60 bed Female Minimum Housing Unit, resulting in a net zero gain of beds after the decommissioning of outdated beds in the county. There will be new education, life skills and behavioral training classroom facilities, and vocational shop facility. Both housing units provide in-person visitation and recreational areas. $30,000,000
Small County Plumas The proposed project would replace the current jail and construct a new 60-bed jail with two non-rated medical treatment rooms, resulting in a net loss of seven beds. The new construction would add program and treatment rooms, a medical clinic, support services and a new Day Reporting Center adjacent to the new jail. $25,000,000
Small County El Dorado The proposed project would expand the existing Placerville Jail Facility with a two story addition to provide needed visitation, classification, program space, medical, mental health, education, drug counseling, life skills, inmate reentry services and female housing units, and decommission old beds, resulting in a net gain of eight beds. $25,000,000
Small County Mendocino This project would construct two new stand-alone building additions next to the existing Mendocino County Jail. The main building would be the Special Needs Housing Unit (SNHU), providing 60 beds, resulting in a net gain of 40 beds after the decommissioning of outdated beds. SNHU will include recreation yards, program spaces and a medical/dental/mental health clinic. The second smaller building would serve as a Visitor Center located near the public access to the jail. $25,000,000
Small County Lassen The project would focus on remodeling existing dormitory housing to create new housing and program space for females, new medical/mental health housing, and new program and treatment space resulting in a net zero gain in beds. Additional remodeling would provide new food service and culinary arts facilities. A new standalone multi-use Re-entry/Vocational Training center would be constructed near the existing facility. $25,000,000
Small County Mono The proposed project would construct two new buildings to replace the existing facility on a new site. The main building would provide housing, control, administration, public lobby, visitation, program space, recreation, intake area and a medical/dental/mental health clinic, resulting in a net gain of 48 beds. The smaller second building is a kitchen that would be attached to the main building with a secure covered walkway. $25,000,000
Small County Modoc This project would construct a new stand-alone replacement for the existing jail. The proposed Modoc County Adult Rehabilitation Facility would provide housing, program space, visitation, intake/booking space, a medical/mental health treatment area, public spaces and administration spaces, resulting in a net gain of 11 beds. $24,516,000