BSCC Awards Cities Funding To Fight Gangs

Twenty California cities will receive $9.2 million to fund an array of anti-gang programs proven effective in local communities, the Board of State and Community Corrections announced today. The successful cities must match the state allocation, which means a total of $18.4 million will be pumped into programs aimed at curbing gang crime and gang involvement throughout California. The awards are part of the California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention program established by the governor in 2007. Cities could request up to $500,000. A total of 49 cities applied for more than $20 million. Officials had to show a BSCC executive steering committee that the programs they sought to fund were proven to be successful at reducing gang activity. Programs that crossed community lines to form regional partnerships were more heavily weighted. Surveys conducted by the BSCC this year have shown that gang violence reduction is the top priority across all fields of law enforcement, the courts, corrections, social services and education. “It’s clear that our stakeholders and policymakers recognize that gangs present challenges. This is a true partnership; the state is stepping up with money and communities are matching it to meet their local needs,” said Kathleen Howard, BSCC executive director. When the new round of two-year funding is distributed Jan. 1, 2014, BSCC will be administering more than $40 million in anti-gang initiatives. Under realignment the state is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in local rehabilitation and crime-prevention programs to continue to improve public safety in communities. Rehabilitation is most effective close to offenders’ support systems. The Board of State and Community Corrections was established by 2012 legislation to serve as an independent body providing leadership and technical assistance to the adult and juvenile criminal justice systems. The successful cities are listed below and a summary of the programs they plan to fund, as well as monies received, are available here:

Apple Valley, Carpinteria, Chico, Compton, Corona, Fillmore, Fresno, Gilroy, Lompoc, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Parlier, Pasadena, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Leandro, Santa Barbara, Stanton, Vista, Watsonville.