BSCC Releases RFP for Prop 64 Grant

SACRAMENTO (Feb. 13, 2020) – Grants funded from tax revenue from the sale of legal cannabis in California will be available for the first time from the Board of State and Community Corrections through a grant application process launching February 14

The Board voted unanimously today to release a request for proposals for a competitive grant designed to help eligible communities lessen the impacts of legal cannabis sales and cultivation

The BSCC was one of several state agencies designated to administer ongoing mitigation grants using cannabis sales tax revenues after the November 2016 passage of Proposition 64, the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

The Proposition 64 Public Health & Safety Grant makes $24.7 million available over three years to communities that meet the strict eligibility requirements described in the request for proposals. Generally, eligible applicants are cities and counties that have not banned either the retail sale of marijuana or marijuana products or banned cultivation – including most outdoor personal and commercial cultivation.

Part of each proposal must include a component addressing youth development, drug prevention and intervention.

State revenue and tax codes specify that the BSCC grants are to help local governments “assist with law enforcement, fire protection, or other local programs addressing public health and safety” that are impacted by cannabis sales and cultivation. The Governor further stipulated in the 2019-20 May Revision to the Budget that youth intervention be included. Projects addressing public health, public safety and environmental impacts are also eligible for funding.

Up to $1 million may be requested by any single applicant. Collaborative applications are eligible for up to $2 million. Jurisdictions will compete against cities and counties of similar size. Background on development of the RFP is available here.

Proposals are due back to the BSCC on April 3, 2020. Funding begins July 1, 2020 and ends June 30, 2023. The BSCC will collect information from the field to help guide subsequent funding decisions for this ongoing revenue source.

The BSCC is a multi-faceted agency that provides leadership and oversight over local corrections facilities and administers grants designed to reduce recidivism and protect the safety of Californians.

For more information please contact or at 916-323-8631.