TO:            Sheriffs and Probation Chiefs

FROM:      Linda M. Penner, BSCC Chair

DATE:        April 8, 2020



This memorandum is to advise you of temporary, additional data the BSCC will be requesting from all county detention facilities (both adult and juvenile) about local detention populations and weekly changes during the COVID-19 emergency. We are asking for your help during this unprecedented time, and we appreciate your extra assistance.

Information will be requested at the county level on Average Daily Population (ADP), bookings, and releases. It will also ask about releases that were done to mitigate the possible impact of COVID-19. Given the regular review of emergency suspension of regulations, court closures, and CDCR impacts, we believe it is necessary to obtain updates on local detention populations more often than every quarter.

The BSCC research team will work directly with the data reporters at the county who typically complete the Jail Profile Survey (JPS) or Juvenile Detention Profile Survey (JDPS). We will begin collecting these data on April 13, 2020 which will request data for the prior week (April 5-11). The supplemental survey questions are attached.

We are aware that county facilities are facing significant new challenges during the COVID-19 emergency. We have attempted to make this information request as streamlined as possible. I appreciate your providing this important information to assist in the response to COVID-19 emergency.

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Ganter, Deputy Director at new email.


Thank you,


Attachment 1: Supplemental JDPS Formopens PDF file
Attachment 2: Supplemental JPS Formopens PDF file