BSCC Surveys Counties on Division of Juvenile Justice Realignment Needs

SACRAMENTO – To help inform the priorities for allocating the Regional Youth Programs and Facilities Grant Program, the BSCC is surveying counties to determine statewide infrastructure and programming needs.

Senate Bill 823 (Chapter 337, Statutes of 2020) began the closure of the state’s Division of Juvenile Justice, realigning those functions to county governments. The legislation set aside $9.6 million for one-time grants to help counties with the transition, which could range from facility updates to new infrastructure to support programming that is suitable for youth who are no longer being transferred to DJJ.

The BSCC is issuing a Request for Information to help the Board determine funding priorities for the grant program. The Board requests that counties respond to the survey by Jan. 11, 2021.

The Board will consider the recommendations at its Feb. 11, 2021 meeting. A copy of the survey is available here.