COVID-19 Jail Notification Procedures Outlined

As the State of California continues to respond to the emergence of COVID-19, the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) is prepared to assist counties in the event local detention facilities are impacted.  As a reminder, if an agency, following consultation with local and/or state health agencies, determines that minimum standards (e.g., regular visitation or programming) must be temporarily suspended for more than three days to address health and safety concerns, the BSCC must be notified.  Adult detention facilities managers should refer to Title 15, CCR, Section 1012 and juvenile detention facilities managers should refer to Title 15, CCR, Section 1311.

If an emergency is identified at a local detention facility, agencies may suspend standards for up to three days without formal notification to the BSCC; however, we recommend notifying your county’s assigned Field Representative immediately upon suspension of standards, indicating which standard or standards are being suspended. A list of BSCC Field Representatives can be located on the BSCC website.

After THREE DAYS of suspension, the agency must notify the BSCC in writing that the suspension has lasted beyond three days.

  • The agency must describe the emergency and specify which standards are being affected by the emergency.
  • The agency should provide an estimated length of time for suspension.
  • Notification may be via e-mail to the agency’s assigned Field Representative.


If the suspension will continue PAST 15 DAYS, the BSCC Board Chair must approve the continued suspension for a time specified by the Chair.

  • The agency must notify the BSCC in writing indicating how long the suspension may continue and which standards continue to be suspended.
  • This notification should be on agency letterhead signed by the agency administrator (Sheriff, Director of Corrections, Chief of Police).
  • BSCC Staff will provide a copy of the approved BSCC Board Chair memo to the agency.
  • If the suspension lasts beyond the time indicated in the notification, notify the BSCC Field Representative immediately.

When suspensions are lifted, please notify your BSCC Field Representative immediately.

Contact your assigned Field Representative should you have any questions related to emergency suspension of standards.