Roles and Responsibilities of the OYCR and the BSCC in Juvenile Justice

BSCC and Juvenile Justice


Board of State and Community Corrections

  • Originally established in 1944 as the Board of Corrections
  • In 2004 became the Corrections Standards Authority and moved into the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
  • Re-established as independent, 13-member body in 2012 as part of Public Safety Realignment
  • Establishes minimum standards — grounded in best practices — for the operation and construction of local adult and juvenile detention facilities;
  • Inspects juvenile and adult detention facilities for compliance with minimum standards.
  • Establishes minimum training standards for local correctional staff and provides funding for training;
  • Administers a wide range of public safety, re-entry, violence reduction, and rehabilitative grants to state and local governments and community-based organizations.


Juvenile Programs at the BSCC


Grant Programs

  • Juvenile Justice Grants and Reporting Requirements:
    • Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) Reporting
    • Youthful Offender Block Grant Reporting
    • Juvenile Reentry Grant – (ending w/ closure of DJJ)
    • Youth Reinvestment Grant / Tribal Youth Diversion Grant (one-time)
    • Title II


Juvenile Grants - concurrence and movement to OYCR

  • Juvenile grants shall not be awarded by the Board of State and Community Corrections without the concurrence of OYCR. All juvenile justice grant administration functions in the Board of State and Community Corrections shall be moved to OYCR no later than January 1, 2025. (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 2200, subd. (f).)


Facilities Standards and Operations (FSO)

  • Establishing minimum standards (i.e., promulgating regulations) for juvenile detention facilities. (Welf. & Inst. Code, §§ 210 & 885.)
    • For Secure Youth Track Facilities – Requires concurrence with OYCR. (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 875, subd. (g).)
  • Inspection of juvenile detention facilities for compliance with Titles 15/24. (Welf. & Inst. Code, §§ 209 & 885.)
  • Plan Review - Reviewing plans and specifications for juvenile facilities, if those plans and specifications involve construction, reconstruction, remodeling, or repairs of an aggregate cost in excess of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000). (Pen. Code, § 6029.)
  • Compliance monitoring for federal Title II (and related California statutes) (Welf. & Inst. Code, §§ 209(b)(1), 207.1 & 210.2.)
    • Separation of juveniles from adults in custody
    • Removal of juveniles from adult jails and lockups


Office of Youth & Community Restoration (OYCR) Mission and Mandates


OYCR Mission

  • “[T]o promote trauma responsive, culturally informed services for youth involved in the juvenile justice system that support the youths’ successful transition into adulthood and help them become responsible, thriving, and engaged members of their communities.” WIC 2200(b).


OYCR Mandates: Best Practices

  • “Identify policy recommendations for improved outcomes and integrated programs and services to best support delinquent youth.” WIC 2200(c)(2).
  • Identify and disseminate best practices to help inform rehabilitative and restorative youth practices, including education, diversion, re-entry, religious and victims’ services. WIC 2200(c)(2).


OYCR Mandates: County Support

  • Technical Assistance
    • “Provide technical assistance as requested to develop and expand local youth diversion opportunities to meet the varied needs of the delinquent youth population, including but not limited to sex offender, substance abuse, and mental health treatment.” WIC 2200(c)(4).


OYCR Mandates: Data, Research, Reporting

  • “[D]evelop a report on youth outcomes in the juvenile justice system” based on updated JCPSS System. WIC 2200(c)(1).
  • “[E]valuate the efficacy of local programs being utilized for realigned youth” and provide a report to the Governor and Legislature by July 1, 2025.” WIC 2200(e).


OYCR Mandates: JJRBG Plan Review

  • OYCR is responsible for accepting county plans establishing county eligibility for Juvenile Justice Realignment Block Grant funds
  • OYCR’s summary report and all plans are available on the OYCR webpage:


OYCR Mandates: Ombuds Division

  • The ombudsperson has the authority to:
    • Investigate complaints
    • Refer complaints to another body for investigation
    • Report to the legislature
    • Disseminate information on youth rights

    (with 48 hours notice)

    • Access records (except protected personnel records)
    • Meet confidentially with youth
    • Visit facilities


OYCR Updates: Ombuds Division

  • OYCR Ombudperson: Efrat Sharony
  • Ombudsperson hotline: 1-844-402-1880
  • Email:
  • Initial batch of posters have been mailed to Secure Treatment Facilities
  • Posters and brochures are being printed and will be mailed to all facilities this fall


OYCR/BSCC Overlapping Authority: OYCR Concurrence on Juvenile Grants

  • “Juvenile grants shall not be awarded by the Board of State and Community Corrections without the concurrence of the office.”
  • “All juvenile justice grant administration functions in the Board of State and Community Corrections shall be moved to the office no later than January 1, 2025.” WIC 2200(f).


OYCR/BSCC Overlapping Authority: OYCR Concurrence on Facility Standard Regulations

  • “The Board of State and Community Corrections shall by July 1, 2023, review existing juvenile facility standards and modify or add standards for the establishment, design, security, programming and education, and staffing of any facility that is utilized or accessed by the court as a secure youth treatment facility under the provisions of this section.”
  • “The standards shall be developed by the board with the coordination and concurrence of the Office of Youth and Community Restoration established by Section 2200.” WIC 875(g)(3).


OYCR/BSCC: Facility Inspections v. Ombuds

BSCC Inspections Ombudsperson Complaint Resolution
  • Exclusively focused on Titles 15/24.
  • Written Inspection Report
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Determination of Suitability (Juvenile Halls Only)
  • Annual (Unless Specific Allegation(s) re: Title 15/24 relating to suitability.)
  • May be unannounced
  • Receive complaints from youth, families, staff, and others
  • Decide whether to investigate or refer a complaint (e.g. to the BSCC, Bar Association, Judicial Council, PREA Coordinator, Employer)
  • With 48 hours notice: Access agency records, meet privately with a youth in a juvenile facility, and access juvenile facilities
  • Resolve complaints when possible, collaborating with facility administrators and staff
  • Publish and provide reports to the legislature about complaints received and actions taken


OYCR/BSCC BSCC Field Reps v. OYCR County Liaison

BSCC Field Representatives

  • Inspect juvenile facilities for compliance with Titles 15 and 24.
    • Provide technical assistance, including employee and management training, on Titles 15 and 24 and how to maintain compliance
    • Inspections for compliance with Title 24 during construction phase and conduct pre-opening inspections of juvenile detention facilities
  • Plan Review
    • Title 24 (Physical Plant) & Title 15 (Operational Plan)
    • Establish facility rated capacity
    • Review SYTF forms
  • Provide technical assistance on federal JJDPA core requirements related to separation and removal of status offenders from secure detention
  • Collect data relative to operations and demographics from local juvenile detention facilities
  • Review and respond to complaints received from youth housed in local detention facilities, their families and legal representatives regarding violations of Titles 15/24.
    • May result in referral to OYCR Ombudsperson if complaint not related to regulations or cannot be resolved through BSCC inspection.

OYCR County Liaison:

  • Member of the County Coordination Unit
  • Provide and offer technical assistance on programs and policies
  • Identify areas of need where the state can offer support
  • Answer questions and provide trainings about state resources and requirements
  • Identify and highlight effective local programs
  • Attend local meetings as OYCR representative to support and inform
  • Review JJRBG plans and support counties in their preparation



Summary of Roles

BSCC Field Rep OYCR Ombudsperson OYCR County Liaison
Mission Compliance with Title 15 and 24 Regulations Compliance with Title 15 and 24 Regulations County support and technical assistance
Facility Visits Annual Can be unannounced With 48 hours notice to facility With agreement of chief/facility


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