Adult Reentry Grant Program

The ARG Program provides funding for community-based organizations to deliver reentry services for people formerly incarcerated in state prison. ARG funds are used to support three components of reentry services: Rental Assistance, Warm Handoff Reentry Services, and Rehabilitation of Existing Property and Buildings.

ARG was established in the 2018 Budget Act (Senate Bill 840, Chapter 29, Statutes of 2018) and received additional funding through the Budget Acts of 2019 (Assembly Bill 74, Chapter 23, Statutes of 2019) and 2020 (Assembly Bill 89, Chapter 7, Statutes of 2020).

As of February 2022, a total of 115 projects have been awarded $105,727,500 in ARG funding. Cohort 1 funded 70 projects: 53 Warm Handoff projects, 16 Rental Assistance projects and 1 Rehabilitation of Property project. Cohort 2 funded 45 projects: 8 Rental Assistance projects and 37 Warm Handoff Reentry Services projects.

The Budget Act of 2021 (Assembly Bill 128, Chapter 21, Statutes of 2021) appropriated an additional $67 million in ARG funding. A new competitive-bid process is currently under way and the Board expects to award Cohort 3 Rental Assistance and Warm Handoff Reentry Services projects in Fall 2022.

ARG Services Dashboard