BSCC Data Dashboards

BSCC data dashboards graphic showing samples of Programs and services Provided in California's Local Corrections Systems

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opens in a new windowCommunity Corrections Partnership

Senate Bill (SB) 92 (Chapter 36, Statutes of 2011) requires the BSCC to collect each county’s Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) implementation plan adopted by the Board of Supervisors and authorizes the BSCC to evaluate, publish, and disseminate statistics and other information on the condition and progress of criminal justice in the state. The dashboard contains information on each county’s unique Realignment approach.

opens in a new windowBSCC Programs and Services

The Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) provides service to the local corrections systems through inspections of local detention facilities, assistance in training of local corrections personnel, funding opportunities through grants programming, and facilitating detention facility construction including funding.  The dashboard contains county-level and program-level data that can be queried via dropdown menus.

opens in a new windowJail Program Survey

This project was a collaboration between the BSCC and a workgroup from the California Jail Programs Association. Information contained within the dashboard was self-reported by participants who completed a 2013 Statewide Survey on the types of programs provided to offenders in California adult correctional facilities.

opens in a new windowJail Population Trends

The data for the jail population trends was developed in October 2013 for the Association of Criminal Justice Research Conference in Irvine, California. The dashboard provides jail population trends at the state level and individual jurisdictions.

Prop 47 Grant Program, Cohort 1

The purpose of this dashboard is to provide updates on the use of Proposition 47 funds to offer mental health services, substance use disorder services, diversion programs, and other support services by Cohort 1 grantees. The dashboard provides data at the state level and for individual grantees.