Instructor Development Course

STC Certification# 0617-46264 - Annual IDC
STC Certification# 0617-69679 - CORE IDC      *
The Instructor Development courses are offered to STC participants only.

The purpose of this 20-hour STC certified course is to enhance the training skills of both new and experienced trainers and help local agency instructors maximize their effectiveness in presenting job-relevant, quality training. The IDC is designed to address the needs of city and county jails, probation departments, and Community Corrections Facilities using in-house instructors to do more of their agency's training. This course is presented by STC staff at no cost to participating agencies. The CORE Instructor Development course (28 hours) is available upon request. Contact STC Field Representative Greg Hosman for further information.

Applicants should complete the IDC application form and must receive the endorsement of their agency Administrator to be enrolled. They should be currently assigned or expecting assignment as an instructor in their agency, in a core course, or in regional training events. Attendees will be expected to participate fully during class and will be called upon to demonstrate their skills during training.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

• Identify five behaviors trainers should model and five they should avoid.
• Explain the differences between presenting, teaching and training.
• Describe three primary learning styles.
• Explain and demonstrate classroom management techniques
• Demonstrate how to write performance objectives.
• Given a performance objective, select the appropriate instructional methodologies.
• Explain the differences between an outline and a lesson plan.
• Given a training topic, write a lesson plan.
• Identify and demonstrate stand-up training skills and behaviors of effective trainers.

This course has the capacity of 22 students.

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Please complete the IDC Application if you wish to attend the course.
Completed applications or questions regarding this course may be sent via email or u.s. mail to:

Greg Hosman, STC Field Representative – new email
Board of State and Community Corrections
2590 Venture Oaks Way, STE 200
Sacramento, CA 95833