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Annual training is mandatory for all full participation eligible staff that have completed core training. Annual training is specialized or refresher training that develops or enhances job-related skills. Flexibility is permitted in course content and method of instruction to meet changing conditions and local needs.

Program Concept: Annual training should be developed or selected based on organizational or individual needs related to the employee’s job. Due to the complexity of job assignments, some staff may need training that far exceeds minimum state standards. Participating departments are encouraged to exceed the minimum training standards when necessary to realize the goal of increased job skills and competency.

The table below lists the various employment classifications eligible for STC participation and the minimum number of hours of annual training that must be attended after completion of core training.

Journey Probation Officer - 40 hours
Journey Juvenile Corrections Officer - 24 hours
Journey Adult Corrections Officer - 24 hours
Probation Supervisor - 40 hours
Supervising Juvenile Corrections Officer - 40 hours
Supervising Adult Corrections Officer - 24 hours
Probation Manager and Administrator - 40 hours
Juvenile Institution Manager and Administrator - 40 hours
Jails or Adult Institution Manager and Administrator - 24 hours

Lesson Plan Policyopens PDF file - Effective July, 2019

About the Lesson Plan Development Course

Best practices indicate detailed lesson plans enhance the development and delivery of training. Lesson plans help ensure quality training delivery by providing detailed information about the delivery of instructional objectives, instructional methodology, testing, and classroom activities. Please see samples & templates below.

#Note: STC’s lesson plan templates are provided only as an “option” and are not mandatory to use when creating your Lesson Plans. Feel free to use your own Lesson Plan templates or formatting if you so desire. All courses (annual and core) must have a written lesson plan. A copy of the lesson plans must be made available to the STC Field Representative upon request.

Lesson Plan Templates

2 column Lesson Plan Template - PDF
(Appropriate for courses without a testing component)

4 column Lesson Plan Template - PDF Word
(Appropriate for courses with a testing component)

Additional Resources

  • Lesson Plan Check List - PDF Word
  • Additional Resource Handout - PDF
  • NICIC Gov Training Development Resources - PDF

* For further information or scheduling of a Lesson Plan course which can be tailored to your agency’s needs please contact:
Please contact your STC Field Representative