STC Social Networking Groups

The STCTM Google group is only open to STC participating agency Training Managers. You must send your first name, last name, agency name, county, job title, and email address to your STC assigned Field Representative. You may locate your Field Representative on the STC Services page. Upon approval the field representative will add you to the STCTM Google group.
This group is for all STC CORE Course Coordinators and CORE Instructors in California. You may join by going to STCCORE-subscribe@yahoogroups.comcreate new email. If you want to have access to the files and calendar, you will need to create an account with yahoo; if not, you will only receive emails from the group.

To allow quick communication and information sharing among STC Training Managers or CORE Coordinators and Instructors throughout the State.

STC Training Managers may “subscribe” to the STCTM or STCCORE e-group, and their questions and comments along with other participants’ contributions to the thread are distributed to the entire group via email. The result is similar to a newsgroup or forum, except that the messages are transmitted as email and are, therefore, available only to individuals.

STC Training Managers Google group can share information (information for this group is not shared with the STCCORE Yahoo groups). When an email is sent to the group, the email is automatically forwarded to every individual in the group.

All information is exchanged via e-mail. Subscribers will be able to post questions, issues, concerns, etc. This will be sent directly to all subscribers of the STCTM or STCCORE e-group. Other subscribers will be able to quickly obtain the information and respond immediately to these messages in order to answer a question, clarify an issue, or offer an opinion.

Open – However, you must belong to the STCTM Google group or the STCCORE Yahoo group first in order to send to the list members. STCTM Google group is open only to approved STC Training Managers.

STCTM Google group- (For STC Training Managers only) You must send an email that contains your first and last name, agency name, county you work for, job title, and desired email address you would like to receive your correspondence to. (Please note, some county servers do not allow for Google group or Yahoo group subscriptions.)

STCCORE Yahoo Groups- Go to STCCORE-subscribe@yahoogroups.comcreate new email.

You may unsubscribe on your own by using the “unsubscribe link” in any email you receive. BSCC may also remove names if needed. For assistance, please contact your STC assigned Field Representative; you may locate your Field Representative on the STC services page.