Title 15 and Title 24 Juvenile Regulation Revision Executive Steering Committee

BSCC Seeks Membership for the Juvenile Titles 15 and 24 Regulations Revision

The Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) is seeking members for an Executive Steering Committee (ESC) for the revision of the Titles 15 and 24 Minimum Standards for Juvenile Detention Facilities (http://www.bscc.ca.gov/s_fsoresources). This ESC will propose revisions to these minimum standards for BSCC Board approval.  Members of the ESC will be appointed by the Board on a limited-term basis beginning early 2017.  BSCC staff anticipate one meeting in Sacramento in early 2017 and another in late 2017.   The BSCC is seeking members who will represent California’s population and its diverse racial, ethnic, geographic, gender and cultural perspectives and backgrounds; specific subject matter areas of expertise have been recommended by the BSCC and can be found here: PDF

There are several significant requirements that you should consider before you decide if you would like to submit a Statement of Interest. Please click the following link and review the information about ESC Roles and Responsibilities carefully: http://www.bscc.ca.gov/s_bsccexecutivesteeringcommittees

If after having reviewed all of these requirements you are interested in the Juvenile Regulation Revision ESC membership, please e-mail Allison Ganter, Allison.ganter@bscc.ca.gov and provide the following information:

  • Name and Title
  • Organization you represent (if any)
  • City and County where you/your organization are located
  • Subject matter area of expertise that you represent
  • Relevant professional and personal life experience

We will respond to your submission as soon as possible.  Should you have any questions, please contact Allison Ganter at Allison.ganter@bscc.ca.gov or 916.323.8617. Thank you for your interest.