BSCC Board

The Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) works in partnership with local corrections systems and assists efforts to achieve continued improvement in reducing recidivism through evidence- based decision making.

Meet the 13 Board Members

  • Linda Penner, Chair of the Board of State and Community Corrections - PDF
  • Kathleen Allison, Secretary of CDCR - PDF
  • Guillermo Viera Rosa, Director of Adult Parole Operations - PDF
  • Dean Growdon, Sheriff of Lassen County - PDF
  • William Gore, Sheriff of San Diego County - PDF
  • Lee Seale, Chief Probation Officer of Sacramento County - PDF
  • Gordon S. Baranco, Retired Judge, Alameda County - PDF
  • Kelly M. Zuniga, Chief Probation Officer of Kings County - PDF
  • Andrew Mills, Chief of Police of Santa Cruz - PDF
  • Scott Budnick, Founder of Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) - PDF
  • David Steinhart, Director of Juvenile Justice Program Commonweal - PDF
  • Norma Cumpian: Women's and Non-Binary Services Manager, Anti-Recidivism Coalition - PDF
  • Vacant: A county supervisor or county administrative officer. This member shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to Senate confirmation.